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Sliding doors

Apexfine windows are cheracterized by big sliding glass walls realized with very reduced size aluminium profiles. The fixed frames, suitable to support the wing profiles, are invisible because hidden behind lateral and upper jambs while the lower frame is included into the floor to avoid wichever obstruction on the ground. These features guarantee transparency and a total view towards the external environment. In addition, the thermal insulation is assured to the full. The sliding is obtained by the use of an innovative Ponzio patent system. The sliding system is integrated in the lower frame troughout couples of stainless steel wheels joined by a pivot. The wheels, positioned at 20 cm distance and substained by an aluminium profile, guarantee high weight capacity and allow to insert even very heavy insulating glass walls costituted by tempered and low-emissive glasses. Water resistance is assured by a “false” lower frame, built with a retaining tank to gather infiltration waters that are then outward drained. The glass walls opening can be manual or motorized, while locks can be constituted by a completely automatic electro-mechanic system. The Apexfine system allows to build single or double windows, pocket and openable corner windows. Apexfine windows represent an innovative architectural style able to adapt perfecty to all interior design; the different technical solutions allow to install the Apexfine windows in buildings to renovate and in new ones.

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