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Deluxe Systems

Deluxe Systems Pte Ltd was established in 2023 in Singapore under the visionary leadership of its founder, Daniele Campione. Mr. Campione, who is also the owner of DS Serramenti S.r.l. in Italy, saw Singapore as the perfect hub to showcase the exquisite Italian craftsmanship in windows.

The company specializes in presenting high-quality design products that seamlessly integrate sustainability features.


Our vision is to become a leading provider of premium windows, renowned for their sophisticated design and sustainable attributes. We aim to be the go-to destination for those seeking Italian excellence in window solutions within the ASEAN region.


At Deluxe Systems , our mission is to bring the elegance of Italian windows to the heart of Singapore. We are committed to offering not only aesthetically pleasing designs but also environmentally conscious products that contribute to sustainable living.


Key Features

Italian Craftsmanship

Our windows reflect the timeless artistry and precision synonymous with Italian craftsmanship.

Design Excellence

We prioritize design innovation, offering products that blend seamlessly with modern architectural trends.

Sustainability Focus

Environmental responsibility is ingrained in our products, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Team member

We feel proud for our expert team members


Germano Vitali

Sales & Tech Manager

Giuseppe Covino

Project Manager

Rita Bonucchi

ASEAN Strategist

Our Showroom

Our strategically located showroom in Singapore, set to open in late 2024, is a tangible representation of the fusion between Italian design and sustainability.

It serves as a platform showcasing our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier window solutions that enhance both form and function.


Architect : Tali Arinus | Photographer : Amit Geron | apexfine.com


Official Dealer

“Daniele Campione, Founder of Deluxe Systems, envisioned a platform in Singapore where the elegance of Italian windows could be experienced firsthand. Our products not only embody the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship but also embrace the principles of sustainability.”

Founder's Message

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